Vienna to Bratislava

I’d decided to get the fast boat down the Danube from Vienna to Bratislava. After the somewhat overcast Saturday, the Sunday was wonderfully sunny! The boat wasn’t exactly packed, either, so I was able to not only have a seat on the front row, but wander round & explore it – though once I realised how blowy a boat going at 70kph was, I didn’t hang round on the outside!

Bratislava was wonderfully sunny when I got there – so dashed into the room & then out to explore. The castle wasn’t mostly an art gallery, very little in the way of furniture; however, there were two links with the Schoenbrunn Palace – mostly that Marie Theresia had allowed her youngest & favourite daughter to marry for love – which lead her to Bratislava (the other 10 daughters – including Marie Antionette – got married into useful families). In addition, the gilding on all the walls was similar. Snuck a few photos in Bratislava, as there were far fewer guards!

Vienna! (Sat 20th)

Just a day or so in Vienna, en route to Bratislava for an Erasmus (work) trip. The central station, arriving late Friday (11ish) from the airport seemed very deserted; much busier when I then got off the subway at Stephansplatz by the Cathedral; my hotel was just round the corner.

So, on Saturday I decided to get one of the tourist hop on, hop off buses & go exploring. The highlight was definitely the Schoenbrunn palace – my main difficulty was the fact that progressing through the rooms, you hopped from century to century, so it was hard to keep track of the different generations. Most of the rooms had furniture in; so you got a bit of an idea of how they lived. It was only the state rooms they’d got – but there were human & family touches, such as the dining room that the last Emperor had used, mostly with his family. When they had family meals, it was Austrian; they only had French Cuisine when they were entertaining. Maria Theresie had a vast marital bed!
After the bus ride, I then had a wander round the Hofburg area and also the Art Museum area, though by the time I’d got there they were mostly closing.

A busy day – but enough to whet the appetite for another visit!