Another day, another island (or two!)

Moving hotels again today – this time to the Northern Islands, with a few detours as usual. 

Borðoy and Viðoy

The day dawned bright and sunny, the best weather we’ve seen so far this holiday. The first stop was in Fuglafjørður, a last minute decision as we got to the turn off for the tunnel to Borðoy and so glad we did. A very attractive harbour, a shop selling locally knitted items – and coffee. In proper cups. We sat outside and enjoyed the sun. 

The tunnel between Esturoy and Borðoy is probably the longest we’ve had so far – it was certainly the first with colourful lights in the middle. Made up for the next one that more or less went straight across Borðoy (with a wee gap in the middle) which was the first of our unlit one lane tunnels (with passing places). I’m glad Janine had the first shot.

Lunch was a much sunnier picnic than the previous day, before we went on to Viðoy, the most northerly island. A drive through the newest tunnel, a 2 lit lanes one took us to Viðareiði, the most northerly settlement in the islands. By now, the weather had closed in, the plan to walk to the point you could see both East and West coasts was cancelled. Instead we explored the churchyard and found some fascinating graves.

Driving back towards Borðoy, along old road above the fjord, the sun was back out (maybe it had been out all along on this coast who knows!), so yet more stunning views. Once across the causeway linking the two islands, we headed north, running more or less parallel to the previous road. Múli, at the end of the road, is listed as ‘abandoned’ but it’s clear there are still some residents (according to Wikipedia, they’re former residents who use their houses as summer homes). It’s a stunning location, but it’s easy to see, before the road was laid, how difficult it was to get to / from the village. 

We’re spending the evening in Klaksvik, the largest town in this area. A wander round the town once we’d checked in to the hotel, and found a bar that I could get them to create a chicken salad – but with cheese not chicken. The meal was the best I’ve had so far (they did an amazing salad dressing!)