Treviso and the river Sile

Another cloudy day, but as it was a city day, not so bad. We headed for Treviso, the largest city in the area. We had a city tour, starting in the area that’d been bombed during the war, but there were a few older buildings. As we went through the city, the balance of old and new moved to the older. There wasn’t the large square I’ve seen in some cities, it was there, but subdued. They had a lot of sculptures around the city, including one that had only been installed about a week before we’d arrived. 

After the city tour, a bit of shopping (I decided to acquire a very unglamorous plastic mac, as my “waterproof” top wasn’t entirely), then lunch; before heading off for a walk along the river Sile, which has a lot of wildlife. There was also an area where old boats, no longer in use for transport have been abandoned. A very pleasant walk (and dry, no need yet for my new mac!)