Prosecco Hills – Around Cison di Valmarino

We’re back in Italy. This time, it’s the Prosecco Hills, so really not that far from the last set of posts in Lake Garda.

It’s a walking holiday this time, based in Soligo, right in the heart of the Prosecco hills. We’d timed it to fit in with my birthday. The journey out, despite having to go via Gatwick, was fine.

This morning’s walk was a bit of a rain coats on, rain coats off morning, but the scenery and villages were stunning.
We started in Cison di Valmarino, a beautiful small town, before heading up to Castelbrando. Then it was back down to Follino, where we had lunch (with prosecco), and a very tranquil 12th century cistercian abbey.

In the evening, we had some prosecco testing, which included the tranquille version -the non-fizzy one that they don’t generally export.

Then dinner – followed by birthday cake(let) 

Towards Follino

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